Members of the research group

Head of the Research group:

Mirka Leino, M.Sc (Tech)

Mobile: 0447103182, email mirka.leino(at)

Reasearch group’s members are:

  • Mirka Leino, M.Sc (Tech)
  • Petteri Pulkkinen, D.Sc (Tech.)
  • Kari Laine, D.Sc (Tech.)
  • Tommi Lehtinen, B.Eng. (Automation)
  • Joonas Kortelainen, B.Eng. (Automation)
  • Pauli Valo, B.Eng. (Automation)
  • Janika Tommiska, B.Eng. (Automation, graduating soon)
  • Hannu Asmala, Lic.Sc (Tech.)
  • Timo Suvela, M.Sc (Tech.)
  • Sari Merilampi, D.Sc (Tech.)
  • Marko Mikkola, M.Sc (Tech.)

Email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)



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