Members of the research group

Head of the Research group:

Mirka Leino, M.Sc (Tech)

Mobile: 0447103182, email mirka.leino(at)

Reasearch group’s members are:

Mirka Leino, D.Sc. (Tech)

Kari Laine, D.Sc. (Tech)

Petteri Pulkkinen, D.Sc. (Tech)

Pauli Valo, B.Sc. (Tech)

Joonas Kortelainen, B.Sc. (Tech)

Tommi Lehtinen, B.Sc. (Tech)

Hannu Asmala, Lic.Sc. (Tech)

Timo Suvela, M.Sc. (Tech)

Timo Kerminen, M.Sc. (Tech)

Sari Merilampi, D.Sc. (Tech)

Antti Koivisto, M.Sc. (Tech)

Janika Tommiska, B.Sc. (Tech)

Santeri Saari, B.Sc. (Tech)

Suvi Nikula, Engineering student

Email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)



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