Radiofrequency identification technique, called RFID is a method that which objects (goods, people etc.) can be automatically recognized. After recognition, the information can be reused for different statistical purposes. There are many kind of systems, but mostly RFID can be considered to be working just like bar codes: a reader reads tags that are attached to recognizable objects.

Advantages that can be achieved with RFID depending on a system:

  • Direct visibility to the object is not needed -> recognition can be achieved even through certain materials
  • Identification from a distance: reading distances for the tag can be several meters, depending on the system
  • Identification of several tags at the same time (Identification speed)
  • RFID-tags are more durable in challenging environments, they won’t get damaged and dirty so easily as bar codes do
  • More security compared to bar codes
  • Writing option and capacity


Typical applications are different kind of property automation systems, access control, welfare applications, recognizing objects in logistic and production chains, etc.

Recognition technology can be applied to new type sections for example, not only recognition but sensing too. This widens the usability of already existing property automation systems.