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The main focus of Automation Research Group at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) is in applied research of automation technologies. The group concentrates on quality control of products and production methods, on intensifying production in terms of minimising energy and material consumption, as well as on expediting and intensifying internal logistics. The most significant technologies in research work are machine vision, modelling and simulation, embedded systems, 3D printing, drones and intelligent robotics. In all its work the research group focuses on enhancing resource intelligence and on developing safe and seamless interaction between humans and machines.

The strengths of the research group are functional connections with local industry and automation research groups at other applied science universities (UAS), excessive experience in industrial and well-being applications, agility to quickly grasp new assignments, and persistence to evaluate multiple alternative technologies or methods to find case-specific solutions.

Core expertise of the Automation Research Group:

  • Machine vision (traditional applications, smart camera applications, 3D imaging, infrared imaging, spectral imaging and lighting techniques)
  • Modelling and simulation
  • 3D printing
  • Embedded systems

In addition, the research group has expertise in identification technologies (RFID and NFC), sensor-, measuring-, and controlling systems, robotics, and wireless systems.

The approaches employed by the Automation Research Group:

  • Participatory research and development
  • Demonstrations of new technologies
  • Case-specific research and development, and piloting real life cases
  • International technology knowledge transfer
  • Integrating technology knowledge closely in engineer education and therewith identifying new experts to join the research team and to work for local companies (theses, student projects, students as specialist trainees in projects)


Mirka Leino, +358 44 710 3182, mirka.leino(a)


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