SAMK Machine Vision

Machine vision, also known as intelligent vision-based detection and recognition methods are increasing rapidly in our living environment. In the industrial sector these systems have been used for well over a decade in a variety of processes and product monitoring, identification and measurement tasks. In recent years, intelligent vision has been introduced in many other areas such as transport, welfare and security sector.

Machine Vision and its various applications have been part of engineering education as well as research and development in the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)  for several years. The focus has been in machine vision, because it is a rapidly evolving field of technology, which enables manufacturing companies to improve their competitiveness. Machine vision usability and its potential for applications are increasing all the time, bringing more and more exploitable opportunities such as product identification and quality control.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences expertise in machine vision and in its variety of applications enable a diverse teaching, research and application development. Know-how of imaging, image processing and smart camera applications in the visible light wavelengths has increased synchronously with the machine vision infrastructure. It has enabled expanding to infrared and spectral imaging. Machine vision research and application development in the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences aims mainly at companies’ production processes and innovative non-invasive healthcare technology solutions.

Electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths researched at SAMK