Printing in 3D for Real Life Demands

The RDI laboratory in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) works in many automation projects but mainly in the area of machine vision, RFID and welfare technology. In these projects, there are constantly situations when some kind of an adapter, casing or other small parts are needed and they must be created out of metal or order from outside of the University. Project engineers in the RDI laboratory read about 3D printers that print plastics and they sounded like a good solution for this problem. So in November 2012 3DTouch printer was ordered to the SAMK RDI laboratory. It arrived in the beginning of December. Since the arrival it has been printing almost 24/7. The printed parts are mostly used in real cases and in student projects, but of course, we also have to print some sample prints, for example a dice, a frog and some water bottles.

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