Sawmill Simulation

Sawmill Simulation describes one part of a sawmill line simulated with physics simulation. Physics simulation illustrates the behaviour of the boards on the sawmill line very realisticly. This simulation is made with Visual Components 3DCreate simulation software as a part of Simulation environment – new extensions to automation of production project […]

3D-Printed rotary encoder adapter

The RDI laboratory in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) works in many automation projects but mainly in the area of machine vision, RFID and welfare technology. In these projects, there are constantly situations when some kind of an adapter, casing or other small parts are needed and they must […]

Recognizing faulty nails

A 1.5 ton weighing vibration bowl feeder was brought to SAMK’s RDI laboratory. It had been used for mechanical checking of nail straightness. Idea was to create a machine vision system to inspect the nails for straightness, excess scum and zinc coating. A brainstorm stormed out different ideas for getting the nails in […]

Quality inspection of welding seam in realtime with thermal imaging.

A research study was done in SAMK’s machine and production technology’s laboratory, in which the goal was to see if a welding seam could be done in realtime with a thermal imaging camera. Welding technologies that were used were; MIG-, TIG- and Synergiv MAG-welding. A thermal imaging camera used was FLIR […]

Thermal imaging of central cores

Central cores are manufactured with a method called hotbox. Hotbox method means that a sand mixture is blasted into a warmed up central core box. The central core is dried out in a box where heat is transferred through heat plates on the sides and also from the bottom with the […]

Improving rebar net cutting cell’s picking with machine vision

Intention was to improve machine vision guidance for the rebar net cutting cell’s picking robot and still use the old system’s mechanics and equipment. Reason for this improvement was that the old system had a small hiccup, and did not work as planned. Goal set for the machine vision system was […]

Research for using machine vision for classifying veneers

In this research the goal was to see if machine vision could be applied on classifying veneer quality. Requirements were as many faults as possible in veneers could be recognized with a single machine vision system. The study was carried out by imaging the veneers with near-infraredspectral camera, 5 Mpixel smart camera, […]

Near Infrared Imaging Detects Moisture and Sees Through Some Materials

Near infrared imaging has a special capability to see some materials differently than human eye or cameras working in visible light wavelengths. Let’s study imaging of two glass bottles with some water in one bottle and some kerosene based liquid in the other one. When these bottles are imaged with […]

Surface material should be taken into consideration when doing thermal imaging

In infrared imaging it is important to understand that different types of materials affect the temperature value that the thermal camera puts out. For example, if objects of the same material, same temperature give very different temperature results, depending on if the other is glossy and the other is dirty […]

Plastic Recognition with Near Infrared Spectral Imaging

In near-infrared spectral imaging object is imaged line by line and with the help of a spectrograph attached to the camera, the spectrum of a single dot can be recorded. In this case, the reflection spectrum, which describes reflected light’s intensity as wavelength’s function. Spectrum can be called as the […]